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OneDrive event on October 3. Microsoft’s official announcement arrives

by Andrew

Just a few days ago a short video, apparently extracted from a promotional content of the Redmond company, seemed to indicate that Microsoft was preparing to hold an exclusive event dedicated to OneDrive in early October, and apparently the indication was really genuine. The official announcement says that on October 3, 2023 at 19:00, according to our time zone, we will know something more about the future of OneDrive.

The event, called “Microsoft OneDrive: The Future of File Management is Here”, will be attended by several prominent personalities of the company. Jeff Teper, President of Collaboration Apps & Platform at Microsoft, along with other members of the OneDrive development team, will lead the event highlighting new enhancements and upcoming features, as well as the “benefits of faster file access, better organization, easier collaboration, and enhanced file security in Microsoft 365.”
As we hypothesized some time ago, we could also expect a section of the event dedicated to the advances of Artificial Intelligence in relation to OneDrive, including the introduction of new search and sharing capabilities that can exploit its potential. Microsoft has already shared information about the event, including the link to Teams and the invitation in the calendar, which you can find in SOURCE.

As for Microsoft and the news coming about other of its products, we know that the company is on the verge of implementing changes that will limit the number of photos that can be stored in the cloud. Starting October 16, 2023, photos in galleries and albums will count separately from users’ OneDrive storage quota.

Not only that, it’s recent news that Microsoft has stopped offering a OneDrive for Business plan with unlimited storage. Microsoft’s website now shows a single option (plan 1) that at a cost of 4.7 euros per month provides up to 1TB of cloud storage, with the possibility of extending it to 5TB based on the number of users.

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