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Meta: stop messaging between Facebook and Instagram by 2023

by Marcos

Meta could end cross-messaging support between the Instagram and Messenger apps, according to a leaked screenshot shared by reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi. The change could also be imminent, as the source suggests that everything could materialize in October of this year.

“From mid-October, you will no longer be able to chat with Facebook friends on Instagram, so this chat will become reading only. Start a new chat on Messenger or Facebook to continue the conversation,” reads the screenshot shared on X.

In 2020, Meta allowed Instagram users to message their friends on Facebook and Messenger without having to leave the Instagram app and vice versa. In addition, several features of the Messenger app have also been implemented in the Instagram app, such as the ability to reply to a specific message or forward it, customize the colors of the chat and much more.

Over the years, Meta has made several attempts to integrate the two social media apps. In addition to sending messages to users, it has long been possible to share Stories, Posts and Reels between Instagram and Facebook. To do this, you need to add your Facebook and Instagram accounts to the Meta Business Suite to enable the integration.

We close with a recent news about the messaging program in the lighter version. Messenger Lite has come to an end! A few more days and Meta will pull the plug on the application, which will cease to work from September 18th.

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