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Windows 11 “Moment 5”: Update available to all users

by Andrew

The Windows 11 Moment 5 update, the one that introduces the latest set of features released by Microsoft for its operating system, is now available to all users. Microsoft has begun rolling out the update for all supported systems as part of the April 2024 Patch Tuesday released in the past few hours.

As a reminder, Moment 5 was initially published on February 29, 2024 but only for those who wished to test it first, since until now it was necessary to proceed manually by searching for it among Windows updates from the Settings. That was until March, when Microsoft sped up the rollout, making “Moment 5” available to everyone as the last optional non-security update. It has now become a full-fledged mandatory update for all Windows 11 users.

Moment 5 is the latest version with multiple functional innovations, albeit rather light, distributed before the next big update to 24H2, which was in fact initially confused with Windows 12. Some of the most important new features include:

Accessibility: Voice Access now supports multiple languages, custom commands, and additional actions. Narrator now lets you preview natural voices, use a new keyboard shortcut for image descriptions, and more.
Sharing: Windows now allows you to share content with multiple apps.
Screen casting: Windows can suggest screen casting while multitasking and useful links in case of connection issues.
Snap Layouts: Snap Layouts can predict which apps you want to organize and in which layout.
Windows 365: New features for Windows 365, such as a dedicated mode, passwordless authentication, quick account switching, and more as we told you in our recap article.

To get all the new features of Moment 5 on Windows 11, just go to the Settings app and open “Windows Update”. Click on “Check for updates” and wait for your system to find, download and install the KB5036893 update (build number 22631.3447).

Interestingly, the features of “Moment 5” are available not only to users of Windows 11 version 23H2, but also to those who are still on version 22H2. That will all change with Windows 11 24H2, which will almost certainly be a full system upgrade.

Among the recent curiosities of Windows, we remember that towards the end of March a former Microsoft developer told the curious story of the “Format Drive” dialog box. Perhaps not everyone knows that it was originally conceived as an interim solution, but this window has remained surprisingly unchanged to this day for a good 30 years!

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