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Elon Musk number one of Twitter, in every sense: he is the most followed account

by Marcos

Elon Musk has become the most followed person on Twitter, surpassing former US President Barack Obama. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has reached 133,081,658 million followers, while Obama has 133,041,101 million, 40,557 less.

Musk has gained popularity on the social network thanks to his provocative and often controversial tweets. He frequently uses the platform to promote his companies and futuristic visions, and since he acquired the social network he keeps users constantly updated on upcoming news and changes taking place. Polls are also popular, including those on Trump’s return to the platform and on Musk’s relinquishment of his role as CEO.

Among his most famous tweets are those in which he announced that he wants to send one million people to Mars by 2050 and that he wants to withdraw Tesla from the Wall Street Stock Exchange. He had reached 100 million followers in June last year, and in nine months he managed to complete the overtaking of Obama. Small curiosity: if there are many followers, few are the following, or the people followed by Musk: there were just 114 in the summer of 2022, currently there are 186.

Unlike Elon Musk who publishes tweets of any kind – from the informative on SpaceX, Starlink, Twitter and Tesla to the provocative – the former US president limits himself to sharing purely professional content. In third place we find the star Justin Bieber with 113,308,489 followers, in fourth Katy Perry with 108,389,055.

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