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Xbox Series X and S, moderation of incoming voice chats

by Andrew

Starting this week, select Xbox Insiders will be able to take advantage of a new feature created by the Xbox team for moderating voice chat on Xbox consoles, including Xbox One. The new feature, less drastic and more sensible than what was attempted with Blizzard with the Xbox version of Overwatch, allows you to record 60-second audio clips to send to the Xbox Security Team to report any harassing behavior.

The new system, which works similarly from video capture even though you can’t manipulate files for obvious privacy reasons, allows you to record an unlimited number of clips and doesn’t expect the report to be sent immediately. In short, there is no need to interrupt a game in progress or distract yourself from the game. Audio clips are automatically deleted after 24 hours during which they can be sent at any time.

In explaining to The Verge the function defined as reactive voice moderation, the General Manager of the department, Kim Kunes, said that the analysis of audio clips is not entrusted to any algorithm but passes through the review of human beings. All with the sole purpose of improving the quality of moderation on Xbox consoles, which includes the ability to add descriptions to your reports and the possibility of appeal for those who have been reported. All this only starting from the reporting of the players. Of its Xbox, Kunes assured, it does not record and does not store the voice chats of the players.

With responsive voice moderation, Xbox continues to help gamers feel protected. The ability to provide players with easy-to-use tools helps foster solidarity between people and improve the health of the Xbox community. With measures like this, players can feel in a safe and welcoming environment.

Stephen Balkam, CEO, Institute for Online Family Safety
Responsive voice moderation is part of a project that aims to make the entire Xbox ecosystem safer and more welcoming. For the time being, it will only be made available in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, but work is underway to extend support to other languages and therefore to other countries.

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