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Malwarebytes blocks Google Chrome after latest Windows 11 update

by Andrew

Microsoft’s latest update released Tuesday for Windows 11 seems to be causing compatibility issues between Malwarebytes and Google Chrome. Users who use both programs report that after updating, they cannot launch or display the Google browser correctly.

One user reported the issue on the Malwarebytes forum (in SOURCE), stating that after the Windows 11 June 2023 Update (KB5027231), Chrome is not showing up despite being listed in the task manager. Other users have confirmed that they have the same problem on Windows 11. What about Windows 10? The previous operating system seems not to be affected, again according to user shares.

The good news is that Malwarebytes staff have recognized the issue and are looking into a definitive solution. Meanwhile, within the support forum, some workarounds have been provided: the first is to set Chrome as the default browser, while the second is to disable Chrome protection within Malwarebytes.

Some users have also reported that disabling “exploit protection” in Malwarebytes resolves the issue when official workarounds don’t work. Malwarebytes is working on an update to permanently resolve the issue.

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