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Windows 11 23H2 automatically installed on eligible PCs that have not yet been updated

by Andrew

Microsoft announces that Windows 11 2023 Update “is entering a new rollout phase” that involves automatically updating eligible PCs running Windows 11 22H2 to the new version 23H2 officially released in September last year. 22H2 will no longer be supported as of October 2024.

“This automatic update is for Windows 11 devices that have reached or are nearing the end of servicing and follows the machine learning (ML)-based training we’ve been using so far. We will continue to train our intelligent ML model to safely roll out this new version of Windows in phases to deliver the smoothest update experience possible.”

AUTOMATIC UPDATES: “To keep devices on a supported version of Windows, Windows Update automatically initiates a feature update for devices before or when they are nearing the end of servicing. Automatic updates allow devices to continue to receive monthly updates that are critical to the security and integrity of the ecosystem.”

On eligible PCs, upgrading to version 23H2 can be done by following these steps:

“Settings > Windows Update > turn on Get the latest updates as soon as they become available + Check for updates > Download and install”

With this update, Microsoft wants to make sure that users with version 22H2 remain protected and can access some new features built into 23H2. Next will come Moment 5, which will be released as a cumulative update via Windows Update exclusively to those who have upgraded their PC to Windows 11 23H2.

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