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On Facebook, Beware of Lost Luggage Resale Ads: It’s a Phishing Scam

by Andrew

People always look for various methods of taking advantage of the rights of the innocent individuals in the modern society. One of the trends observed is the activity on the Internet, for example, with fake advertising in social networks, such as Facebook, or the offer to purchase luggage at artificially low prices, indicating that it has been lost or forgotten at the airport. Such offers appear credible in a given ad but constitute a facade of a phishing scheme in equal measure.

To expound, phishing scams entails the fraudulent acquisition of individual’s sensitive data like credit card details, social security numbers, and others. Many of the lost luggage resale ads are found on Facebook and their main goal is to deceive people showing them products and services with big rates for small sums. One fine day when a particular ad is clicked and the user tries to buy something, the link directs him to a fake webpage which gathers his information.

These scam ads are usually properly designed, and may look like official advertisements featuring proper jerseys, names of genuine soccer teams, and dissertations that may inspire trust among the users. This is why they may practice faking customer reviews so as to gain the trust of other consumers. However, the goal is always the same: Indeed, their main purpose is to incapacitate the users and make them input their financial information willingly.

These are some of the methods of avoiding falling prey to these scams: It is advisable to always keep a healthy dose of skepticism while dealing with any offers that may seem to be too good to be true. More so, make sure to conduct adequate research beforehand to know whether the seller is a legal one. Look for the feedback from other users, or if the payment is required, it is better to use the payment systems that will let the buyer have protection.

Equally, one must report any illicit advertisements to Facebook in a bid to save others from being conned by these scams. So if you remain alert and informative, you can safeguard your identity and thus can easily deal with the tricks of the phishing scams.

All summing up, it can be concluded that though Facebook is quite helpful in finding the deals and choosing gadgets, it is necessary to be rather careful while considering ads. One of the most frequent tricks is to bait the users with advertisements for buying back lost luggage, and they should learn to stay vigilant in order not to get their personal and financial data stolen.

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