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Samsung updates Galaxy S24: Slider for colors and other improvements arrive

by Andrew

After starting from South Korea the distribution of the firmware that implements the new slider to adjust the brightness of the colors of the displays of the Galaxy S24 range, Samsung has expanded the availability of this update to other European countries, including Italy.

The new firmware, identified by the version S92xBXXU1AXB5, weighs about 750MB on the Galaxy S24 Ultra (there are also updates to the camera) and just under 500MB on both the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+. In addition to the addition of the slider, with this update also comes the February 2024 security patches, bugs are eliminated and the stability and performance of the devices has been “improved”.

After the update, the default display brilliance setting will be the one with which Samsung released the Galaxy S24s. As a result, those who are already satisfied with the way the display reproduces colors will not have to change anything. Alternatively, you can increase the gloss by one or two levels. The first option will make the colors similar to those currently reproduced “by default” from a Galaxy S23 Ultra. The second step will make the colors even more saturated and bright.

The slider is located in the advanced settings of the displays, below the options for adjusting the white balance that allow users to manually change the RGB levels.

While it’s not specifically mentioned in the update notes, we do know that these updates have also improved the performance of Galaxy AI, i.e. AI-based features, and camera performance, predominantly on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. These include updates to zoom features, Portrait mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities, and more.

These are the improvements implemented:

“Image quality has been improved by adjusting the brightness when shooting backlit in high pixel mode.
Text clarity has been improved when using high magnification zoom. (Galaxy S24 Ultra only)
Image clarity and quality have been improved when recording videos via the rear camera. (Galaxy S24 Ultra only)
In the photo mode preview, the brightness of dark areas indoors has been increased and people’s sharpness has been gradually improved. (Galaxy S24 Ultra only)
Expression has been improved by further applying color data in food mode.
Colors have been improved by adjusting saturation and white balance in night mode.
Image quality has been improved when zooming in on the gallery after shooting a new DNG format in the Expert RAW app.
The expression of fast-moving subjects in backlit conditions in the rear photo mode has been improved. (Galaxy S24 Ultra only)
The exposure and color expression of subjects (people, flowers, etc.) have been improved in photo mode. (Galaxy S24 Ultra only)
The “Sharpness” option has been added to “Screen Mode” in the display settings, so you can enjoy more vivid colors.”

Samsung, as stated in recent days in an official note, has made these changes, the one related to the adjustment of the brightness of the display in particular, in response to user feedback

“Our goal is to continue to pursue our goal of providing barrier-free communication for everyone. We are committed to hearing from you and will continue to evolve Galaxy technology, advancing our vision and unlocking new possibilities for the future.”

Updates, as always, are available in OTA mode via the appropriate menu in the system settings. You must have at least 20% charge remaining in order to upgrade. While there shouldn’t usually be any issues when updating, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a backup of your data before proceeding.

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