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Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Watch and Nest, is just around the corner: here’s everything we know

by Andrew

Here we are, it’s the week of Made by Google, the most important consumer event of the year for the California giant. Google has not only done nothing to hide what will come out in two days, but for some time now has decided to actively participate in the pre-launch rumors. And in an attempt to replace the dozens of rumors that in past years have stolen the “taste” of going on stage, she soon came out in the open again this year. The goal has been centered in part, because of the products that will be official – Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch and Nest (already official, as has been for a few days the “cheap” Chromecast with Google TV) – we already know almost everything, thanks to Google and rumors.

Pixel 7 Pro is the product destined to capture the attention of observers and enthusiasts during the event on October 6th. It could not be otherwise because if 2021 was the year of the debut of the first chip designed at home, after a year of “running-in” with Tensor G2 Google now has no more extenuating circumstances: it must put in the hands of customers a convincing chip from day one, one that does not need continuous “coupons” with firmware updates to reach full shape. In short: it is the year of truth, also because Google will debut in the smartwatch sector with Pixel Watch.

By now you will have understood: the Made by Google of Thursday 6 is a crucial junction for 2022 and a good part of Google’s 2023. Let’s take stock of what we know about the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel Watch and Nest Wi-Fi Pro a few days after the introductory words of CEO Sundar Pichai and the explanations of the managers with the big G on their chest.

In recent days an “oversight” of Amazon has offered us a preview of what should be the Italian list price of the Pixel 7, and the surprise – understandably – has made you argue: the purchase of a Pixel 7 should require the same money as the predecessor. At a time like the current one when inflation is galloping it would be a strong signal if, as it seems, Google had worked to sell the new Pixels at last year’s prices, but it would not be a choice without consequences.

There do not seem to be downgrades in sight, mind you, but not even striking news except for the chip that will have to move and manage everything, the second generation Tensor put in black and white in Mountain View and produced in Samsung’s foundries with which Google has been working closely for some time. So waiting for slight changes to the design of which even Google has made no secret, which since the I/O of May has distributed official images of the two, and slight upgrades to the technical specifications.

The aesthetic element that will certainly change is the rear horizontal band, the one in which the cameras are placed: from a full black design we will move to a contrasting color for the “windows” that guard the sensors. The surface of the display instead should remain the current one.

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