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Pixel Watch: video and sales packaging

by Andrew

Google continues its advertising campaign in view of the debut of the new series of Pixel products that will take place on October 6th. After the videos of recent days, one focused on the Pixel 7 Pro and the other on the entire ecosystem coming soon, it is the turn of Pixel Watch, a wearable device destined to interrupt Samsung’s hegemony in the Wear OS field and the first Pixel branded smartwatch.

The video published on YouTube obviously does not reveal anything from the point of view of technical characteristics, but it offers us a perfect overview of aesthetics. Particular attention is given to the side crown through which you will navigate within the Wear OS 3 interface, as well as to the rounded design of the inner part of the case and – with less evidence – of the glass that protects the display.

Google shows some watch faces that will be made available on the smartwatch, all decidedly minimal but not without useful information for the user – see the heartbeat, for example, or the weather, the calendar and the calories burned. Also note the presence of Google Assistant directly in a watchface.

Curious is also the system of attachment of the strap to the case that requires a particular movement that, at the same time, appears very simple to perform. In short, the Mountain View company teases us by showing us many details of the device, making us guess that it will be a product designed, yes, to monitor your physical activity, but also to be worn with elegance.

A series of screenshots extracted from the video: here we can appreciate the design of the Pixel Watch and some of its dials.
To make the picture more and more complete is the image of the sales packaging of Pixel Watch. The smartwatch is dominated by the large multicolored G symbol of the brand and the words Google Pixel Watch, while on the right there is the inscription “with Fitbit”, demonstrating the increasing integration between the two ecosystems.

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