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GoPro Hero 11 Black Review: Even More Versatile, Even More Fun

by Andrew

There are 11 generations of GoPro, it is 18 years since 2004 when a nice analog camera with waterproof case made its appearance, it is always nick Woodman the eclectic CEO to lead one of the most resilient technology companies of our time.

In recent weeks I have tried the GoPro Hero 11 Black and it was yet another confirmation of the versatility that the action camera par excellence can offer, capable of renewing itself and offering even more services and features for its users. In this review we see all the news presented with the new model, with also an eye to the new Hero 11 Black Mini that will arrive in October.

I will reveal a little background of the world of tech information: usually for each new product one of the most delicate tasks for journalists is to study in detail the variations between previous models and new releases. Often, in fact, companies do everything to pass for new what is not new, so you risk easily running into errors of assessment.

Well, GoPro in this is a virtuous company, because it provides a detailed and cheat-free comparison between the Hero 10 and the Hero 11. As if to say, we do not need to deceive you, for us the performance on the field speaks.

all the news of the GoPro Hero 11 Black
Here they are, in blue what changes, in white what has remained as a legacy from last year’s model.

SENSOR 8:7. This is by far the most important novelty, because obviously the sensor is the heart of a camera. We do not have that 1-inch sensor that had been rumored in recent months, but a sensor with an unprecedented 8:7 1/1.9″ format, that is, much less rectangular and almost square. This unlocks a number of extra possibilities especially with regard to FOV and stabilization.
10-BIT COLOR Another important element, videos and photos go from 8 to 10 Bits deep, it means being able to count on many more shades of color, greater precision in shadow areas and highlights, more detail and in general better video quality.
HYPERSMOOTH 5.0 A direct consequence of the different format of the sensor is the new HyperSmooth, that is the digital stabilization system that has made the American action camera famous. The turning point is represented by the blocking of the horizon at 360 degrees. How is this possible? The entire size of the sensor is exploited to dynamically activate different pixels while retaining 16:9 (a bit like rotating a rectangle inside a square on the same center). In this mode you get to 5.3K in 16:9 at 60 fps, or 5.3K in 4:3 but at 30 fps, going down instead to 4K you can set the 360 degree block even in 4:3.
PHOTO AT 27 MP Last year it was 23 MP, this makes you understand that the sensor is practically the same but a little higher, adds those pixels that bring the resolution to 27 MP.
HYPERVIEW Also here a direct consequence of a sensor in 8:7, the new hyperview is designed to be able to choose in post production the best crop to share your clips, in particular it is useful for vertical videos in 9:16 of social
ENDURO BATTERY The Enduro battery for the GoPro Hero 11 is included at the factory, it is a 1720 mAh battery but with greater effectiveness at extreme temperatures and an advantage of about 35% compared to traditional batteries
TIMEWARP 3.0 goes from 4K to 5.3K in 16:9 or 4:3
NIGHT EFFECTS: Light Painting and Star trail modes have been added that allow you to create fun effects with light trails and capture the starry sky in motion, also new the Light Trails mode of the vehicles.
AUTOMATIC HIGHLIGHTS: This novelty does not directly concern the GoPro but its cloud service. Through the Quik app with a Hero 11 you can automatically upload clips and receive back pre-packaged montages from the AI that promise to be engaging and ready for sharing, for all this you need the GoPro subscription.
VIDEO STANDARD: Now in 5.3K at 60 fps you can also take advantage of the Super View, as well as in 4K at 120 fps (previously only wide FOV was available)
STANDARD SEQUENCE: Sequences 60/10 (60 photos in 10 seconds), 60/6 and 30/1 (before they were 30/10, 30/6 and 25/1) were added. The same sequences can also be activated by shooting in RAW.
BEGINNER CONTROLS: For those who just do not want to understand something more, a beginner mode has been added with non-editable presets for the three modes (video, photo, timed).


First of all, it does not change in size, ergonomics and design. Seeing it from the outside it is identical to the 10, weighs 1 gram less (153 grams) and has the same connections and connection ports. This is great news because all the accessories of the previous one will be perfectly compatible with the new cam.

The two front and rear displays are also the same, with a front color LCD and a 2.7-inch touch screen on the back. They do not change the microphones, which are always 3. The fact that it is identical to the 10, however, also brings us back the overheating problems of the 10 (in particular with microSD XC II V90), which have not been eliminated and indeed, in some ways perhaps have been exacerbated.

On the other hand, the body is the same (waterproof up to 10 meters deep) and above all it does not change the processor, which is again the GP2 of last year. The GoPro Hero 11 Black is as fast, responsive and performing as the 10. It turns on in an instant and by activating the “Quick Capture” option it becomes a perfect machine so as not to miss the right moment.

We are therefore faced with an upgrade that like a leopard affects various aspects of the cam, but roughly does not go to distort the user experience and the ability to record photos and videos. In the next paragraph I will tell you in more detail what it is like to use a GoPro.

Here is a gallery with a detailed comparison of all the specifications between Hero 11, Hero 11 mini and Hero 10.

By now the GoPro world, and in general that of action cameras we know very well. Small and powerful cameras that were initially designed to shoot more or less extreme sporting feats, but that over time have expanded to more generic shots and photos, perhaps mounted on a drone, or why not, on a simple selfie stick for the “holiday films”.

Here, the Hero 11 Black brings this concept of versatility to the maximum and the automatic Highlight function winks at those who make general use of the cam, not at the athletes who immortalize their exploits to the limit and move to editing with dedicated software, but to those who use it maybe every now and then and do not want and / or time to get to the PC to review all the clips and mount them by pulling out a well done video.

Versatility that also passes from the immense amount of recording settings, so many that at least at the beginning will leave you a little disoriented. You have to know the GoPro for a few days, to find the setup that best suits our needs. For each sport there is some parameter that can be retouched.

Otherwise now you can record in 8:7, taking advantage of the full sensor and you don’t think about it anymore, or rather, you will then think about it in post production where you can act as a crop where you need it, even transforming the horizontal clips into something that can be spent on social media.


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