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Here are the Pixel 7 in all colors, Google shares photos

by Marcos

In addition to confirming that the new Google Tensor G2 proprietary SoC will be pulsed at the heart of the new Pixel 7, Google has shared all the color options with which both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models will be marketed. but there will be differences regarding the camera bars, as that of the Pixel 7 Pro will appear glossy while for the Pixel 7 counterpart Google seems to have opted for a matte treatment. Pixel 7 will have the Lemongrass color available, while Pixel 7 Pro the Hazel nuance. We propose them to follow thanks to the official shots shared on the Google site. The shots are all frontal and make the bar seem less curved on the sides than the original previews, they also allow us to see that the antenna band is centered on the upper edge of both phones.


At the moment the indications on the technical specifications are scarce, but for what we know the new Tensor G2 SoC will be made by Samsung and will adopt a 4nm production process. There has also been talk of better transmission of higher quality audio streams with the use via Bluetooth LE protocol with low power consumption.

Then there are the aesthetic differences, with the choice of a glossy rear body for the Pixel 7 Pro and more matte for the Pixel 7. Same choices regarding the camera bar inside which we find the three cameras and the LED flash. At the front the display is cleaner and symmetrical, given the presence of a single central hole that houses the selfie cam.

All the news of the Mountain View company will be shown at the “Made by Google” event, during which the new Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch will be officially presented, already anticipated during the last Google I/O in May. The date to mark is October 6, the start is scheduled at 16. But they will not be the only news coming, in fact, Google has in fact specified that it will introduce new smart home devices of the Nest range and could also arrive the rumored economic version of the Chromecast dongle with Google TV, which just recently was the protagonist of the first images.

Google also says that all the devices that the company plans to show on October 6 will go on sale starting from the same day, although it does not specify the affected markets.

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