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Xiaomi MIX Fold 2, wallpapers already available for download

by Marcos

Not even the time to collect the first orders that the wallpapers of Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 are already on the web, thanks to the work of the community of enthusiasts. The second generation of the Xiaomi foldable comes with ten static and five dynamic wallpapers, the so-called live wallpapers. Of the static ones, five have been designed to best fit the external display, as many instead to fit on the large 8-inch internal screen.

The two displays in fact, despite the similar diagonal, have totally different formats: the internal one, practically square, has a ratio between the two dimensions of 20.3: 18, the external one, “stretched” like that of a traditional smartphone, of 21.3: 9. It goes without saying that the backgrounds are also different, while the five dynamic or live have been designed only for the main display, the internal one.

However, in the package of the link in SOURCE you will find all fifteen, the ten static and the five live. The images designed for the external display are in 1080p and therefore should adapt fairly well to products with a Full HD + screen, those for the internal display instead have an unusual format (1914p) and consequently must be adapted a little.

Except for live wallpapers (in MP4 format), the static wallpapers of Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 in 1080p you can also download them from the gallery up here, those in 1914p from the gallery below: we have not compressed them because they weigh a reasonable number of kilobytes, so if you are not interested in dynamic wallpapers (five for 225 MB total!) you can avoid the zip and download them directly from the galleries at their original quality.

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