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Volkswagen ID. Buzz, the electric heir of the Bulli seen up close

by Marcos

Volkswagen in March had officially brought the ID to its debut. Buzz and its Cargo version intended for professionals. After sharing some initial information at the end of February, the German automaker had finally unveiled what is considered the electric heir to the Bulli, a highly anticipated model that has been talked about several times in the past. The new models will be produced by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles at the Hanover plant.

Volkswagen ID.BUZZ will be available for pre-order at the end of the summer with the publication of the official price list, and then debut in the dealership with the delivery phase scheduled for the end of the year. The debut on the American market is expected in 2024. Let’s remember its main details.

New Volkswagen ID. Buzz measures 4,712 mm length x 1,985 mm wide x 1,937 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,988 mm. The Cargo version is 1,938 mm high. The multivan is based on the well-known VOLKSWAGEN Group MEB platform already used for several models such as the ID.3 and ID.4. In the medium term, the van version of the ID. Buzz will also be launched on the market with a long wheelbase. Variant that will be the one marketed in North America. The ID. Buzz Cargo will not be sold in North America at the moment.

There’s not much to say about the design because we got to see the new ID. Buzz several times although still with some slight camouflage. The German manufacturer tells of the great work that has been done to optimize the aerodynamics. The result is a CX of 0.285 for the ID. Buzz and 0.29 for the ID. Buzz Cargo. Thanks to this work it was possible to reduce consumption and improve autonomy.

The new multivan has LED light clusters, with Matrix IQ LED headlights. Light in the top of the range version. The narrow transverse band between the headlights is also made with a strip of LEDs. At the center of this band, in homage to the T1, is integrated the Volkswagen logo. In the back, we find optical groups with horizontal development joined together by a continuous light strip. The ID. Buzz is available in eleven different colour variants: a solid colour paint (Candy White), five metallic (Mono Silver, Lemon Yellow, Starlight Blue, Energetic Orange and Bay Leaf Green), one pearl (Deep Black) and four two-tone paints.

The ID. Buzz version is equipped as standard with two side sliding doors. Instead, the ID. Buzz Cargo model has a wide-opening tailgate and a sliding door on the passenger side. In addition, as an option, it is possible to equip the Cargo version with a second sliding door. The wheels can be 19, 20 and 21 inches.

Speaking of the interior, the ID. Buzz can accommodate up to 5 passengers and offers a load capacity of 1,121 liters that can rise to 2,205 liters by folding the second row of seats. In the future, 6- and 7-seater versions will also arrive. The ID. Buzz Cargo, on the other hand, has three front seats and a fixed bulkhead between the passenger compartment and the 3.9 m3 cargo compartment. Inside the load compartment it is possible to accommodate two euro pallets. The permissible total mass of the ID. Buzz Cargo is 3,000 kg, with a payload of 650 kg. The load inside can be ensured to the anchor rings present in the floor and to the special guides of the side walls.

The cabin features many of the elements already seen within the other models in the ID electric range. The Digital Cockpit placed in front of the driver has a display with a diagonal of 5.3 inches. The touch screen of the infotainment system is 10 inches or 12 inches for those who choose the Discover Pro system.

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