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Twitter, 4,000-character tweets and new API limitations

by Marcos

Twitter has officially announced that for some users Tweets will have a limit of 4,000 characters, compared to the current 280. For a minimum of reference, this whole article consists of about 2,200 characters. Initially, these “Mega-Tweets” can only be produced by Twitter Blue subscribers and only in the United States. There are no details on expanding into other markets, nor is it clear if they will ever become free. In any case, Twitter has specified that in the timeline the visible character limit will always be 280, you will have to click / press on the tweet to expand it and see all the text.

Among other things, Twitter used a rather interesting form of announcement: a tweet that contained the expression “more words” repeated 72 times. In the answers immediately unleashed a war on the most hilarious answer, which produced remarkable results, we share some of our favorites

Almost simultaneously, the platform went offline for many users, although the fault was repaired in a rather short time. Meanwhile, Twitter Blue has arrived in several new countries, namely Brazil, India and Indonesia. A few hours later, new API limitations came — or at least the few left — for third-party developers. In particular for free accounts it will not be possible to publish more than 1,500 automatic tweets – we emphasize automatic, therefore the “bots” or services.

It is a very popular tool in the world of online information, used by HDblog itself: every time an article is published on the site an automatic software thinks to propose it on Twitter. You don’t have to go very far to understand the potential consequences: we generally publish between 50 and 80 news per day on a week, even with an average (considering the weekends) of 50 in 30 days you easily reach the limit. Of course, it already seems like a step forward compared to the complete removal of the free API proposed in recent days, but for smaller realities it is a potential blow in terms of visibility.

It’s worth mentioning that Twitter in recent weeks has basically banned all third-party clients from using its APIs, effectively decreeing the death of software like Tweetbot and Tweetdeck (somehow some of these still survive, although it’s not entirely clear why).

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