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Apple is Working on “AirTag 2,” Expected to Launch Next Year

by Andrew

Apple is rumoured to be working on the next iteration of its widely-used tracking gadget called the AirTag and reportedly aims to launch the new generation sometime in the next year. There are rumors indicating that the new version is called the “AirTag 2” which will come with improvements that would enrich its functions making it more useful and easy to use.

The first generation AirTag was released in 2021, creating a buzz around the Apple ecosystem for tracking essential items such as keys, wallet, and bags through Apple Find My app. Using UWB and Bluetooth, the AirTag is designed for convenient item tracking; just in case you misplace something, the Find My app on an iPhone or iPad will always guide you.

The first generation Apple AirTag has received a warm welcome and it is most probably working to tackle some of the limitations as well as complaints regarding the item. Some of the rumours pointed toward the new AirTag 2 include better battery performance, a longer proximity range and even better measures that may counter the stalking capabilities of the AirTag. Apple ensure that their devices get updated frequently to tackle the issue of privacy, and going forward I believe that Apple AirTag 2 will have improved measures to prevent such misconduct.

Some reports indicate that the AirTag 2 may also blend in with the other Apple products seamlessly in ways not seen in current AirTag models. For example, it should be able to offer better integration with augmented reality (AR) to enhance the item location search functionality or completely different physical designs to meet a broader range of tracking requirements.

A possible AirTag 2 release is not only proof of Apple’s interest in the smart tracking segment, but also a sign of its readiness to step up development in this area. With competition increasing in this market, Apple has plans which seeks to maintain the AirTag as relevant and as valuable as possible in the current market by providing more features and benefits to the consumers.

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