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Humane AI Pin: the anti-smartphone arrives in March 2024

by Marcos

Humane AI Pin, the device that has created the most buzz since its presentation in November, is ready to hit the markets. It was known that the beginning of next year would be the one chosen for the launch, but now we have more precise data. The device will arrive in March 2024.

The company announced the news on its X account, writing, “We’re excited to announce that Ai Pin will begin shipping in March 2024.” Unfortunately, the first shipments of Humane AI Pin will be the prerogative of the United States only, while as far as Italy and the EU in general are concerned, we will have to wait a few more months.

The AI Pin will be presented as a screenless, AI-powered smartphone replacement that can be activated primarily via voice commands. It will be supported by OpenAI and its chatbot ChatGPT to answer questions, plus it will benefit from a new operating system called Cosmos.

In addition to the audio functions and touch gestures, the 720p display can be projected onto our hand and will represent the most futuristic method of interaction with the Humane Ai Pin device. There will also be a built-in “personic speaker”, a speaker that allows you to listen to information and telephone conversations. Of course, the device will also be able to connect to in-ear headphones via Bluetooth.

Humane AI Pin will cost $699 in the US, but it won’t be the only expense it will incur: the company will require users to purchase a $24 per month subscription to access data, which is based on T-Mobile’s network. The pre-order phases have already been opened, so we just have to wait to know when this device will also land overseas.

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