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Fixed the bug of photos reappearing with iOS 17.5.1

by Andrew

For iOS and iPadOS, there is a vital update available

For some time now, some Apple users had noticed a strange anomaly: they started noticing that the photos they had deleted somehow were in their Photos library again. To stop this, Apple is rolling out an update to iOS and iPadOS (17. 5. 1) as of late.

When the past resurfaces

Not only photos that were deleted a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago but also photos returned to their owners as if to remind them again and again of their sins. This man, as an instance, was stunned to see some photographs that he had taken in 2010 come alive before his eyes, like they had been snap shot in the recent past.

A promising fix

The 17. 5. 1 update which is on the process of being implemented claims to have come up with a lasting solution to this problem. According to Apple, this fix enables the company to address a strictly limited problem that often revolves around photos whose database has been corrupted and then reimports to the Photos library even if it has been deleted.

The cause, nature, and manifestations of this bug remain obscure

Typically, Apple has remained rather tight-lipped concerning the issue, having nothing else to say than what is said in the iOS 17. 5. 1 release notes. However, there is always a motivation for the iPhone or iPad users to upgrade the device and get the fix whether the information is available or not.

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