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Apple and Google team up against unwanted Bluetooth trackers via cross-platform functionality

by Andrew

Tech vs. tracing

Apple and Google, two titans of the technology sector, have announced creating a new signal to notify the user if their Bluetooth find-my suckling has been spotted.

An innovative system

Of cause this particular project, which has been running for several years now due to some issues of privacy was arrived at today. New system which is compatible with the iOS and the Android will give the users an alert whenever an ‘unrecognized object’ is sensed ‘moving with you’. This feature is available in Avail iOS version 17. and for those who use Android devices, 6. 0 and above.

Industry-Backed Partnership

This cutting edge endeavour has the backing of key technology giants such as Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, Eufy, Jio, Motorola and Pebblebee. Many companies have stated that moving forward, they will be releasing Bluetooth trackers that would conform to this new standard.

Legal challenges

Apple Company released its AirTags for sale three years ago, and because of the off-pleasant behaver of some people towards these devices, the company has incurred the wrath of the law. To this effect, the company has taken measures to mitigate the use of these AirTags in criminal activities and in the same year, 2021 the company launched an Android app to assist the users to detect any possible placement of these trackers on them.

That is where the beginning of the new differentiation of unwanted trackers is being introduced. The obvious question that arises from the research is whether Apple and Google have finally found a way to ensure privacy in Bluetooth trackers. One thing is certain: These tech giants are again ready to make every possible effort to protect the user privacy.

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