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Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, Qualcomm has some surprises in store for the CPU

by Marcos

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has practically just arrived on the market but it is already time to talk about the next generation, which if everything goes as usual should be presented later in the year: the developer and leaker Kuba Wojciechowski has managed to find several noteworthy information about her CPU, and apparently the American giant has several surprises in store.

Apparently, in fact, the octa-core processor will adopt a four-cluster configuration, called 2 + 3 + 2 + 1, as we have already seen this year with S8G2. Qualcomm is reportedly planning to introduce a “Titanium” cluster, which should consist of two high-power ARM cores (class A7xx). There would therefore be de facto two A7xx clusters, while the high-efficiency cluster, consisting of the A5xx, would be reduced to only two cores. So to recap:

“gold+” cluster: 1 top core (codenamed “Hunter ELP”) of Cortex-X class
Cluster “titanium”: 2 performance cores (codenamed “Hunter”) of Cortex-A7 class
Cluster “gold”: 3 performance cores (codenamed “Hunter”) of Cortex-A7 class
“Silver” cluster: 2 low-power cores (codenamed “Hayes”) of Cortex-A5 class
Both “Hunter” and “Hayes” should be new designs, not yet announced. It’s unclear how the Titanium cluster will differ from the Gold cluster: it could simply be a matter of different clocks or multiple caches. It is worth noting that in S8G2 the two A7xx clusters even use two different cores – one uses two A715s, the other three A710s – but with equal clocks (2.8 GHz). A few days ago, rumors had emerged that these two clusters would actually be one.

The source also specifies that the chip, codenamed “Lanai” or “Pineapple”, will finally abandon 32-bit support focusing exclusively on 64. Android is well prepared for this historic step – for years the Play Store has only accepted 64-bit apps. It is important to note that the area of a processor that provides 32-bit support takes up physical space; Basically, removing it will give you more room to insert components that are actually used.

Finally, some details on the GPU: it will be an Adreno 750, also known as Gen 7.9.0, while that of S8G2 is a 7.2.0. The current clock is set to 770 MHz, but it may not be a definitive figure.

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