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Apple unveils iOS 17.3 and watchOS 10.3 release week

by Andrew

On January 9, Apple released the third developer beta of iOS 17.3, but now we know for sure that the final version of the new operating systems will arrive next week, i.e. the one that will start on January 22. Along with iOS 17.3, wathcOS 17.3 will almost certainly be made available.

Apple, a tech giant renowned for its unwavering commitment to security, continues to set industry standards with its consistently reliable software updates. The company’s dedication to ensuring the safety of its users is evident through the seamless integration of robust security measures in every update. Apple’s unwavering focus on providing a secure digital environment for its users is a testament to its forward-thinking approach.

With each new software release, Apple not only introduces innovative features but also reinforces its steadfast commitment to user privacy and data protection. These updates are not merely about enhancing user experience; they are a proactive response to emerging cyber threats. Apple’s stringent vetting process for apps on its ecosystem and its end-to-end encryption practices further underline its dedication to safeguarding user information.

Apple anticipated it “between the lines” in a note written at the bottom of the web page relating to the launch of the Unity Bloom wallpaper for iPhone and iPad, which will require the presence of iOS 17.3 on your device. Recall that the second beta of the operating system had previously been withdrawn by Apple after locking some iPhones in bootlooop.

Major new features in iOS 17.3 include.

  1. Stolen device protection: This new feature adds an extra layer of security when your iPhone is away from known locations. When this feature is turned on, the user must perform biometric authentication to perform certain operations, such as accessing passwords in iCloud Keychain, turning off Lost Mode, or erasing all data.

2. The ability to create collaborative playlists on Apple Music returns: This feature allows Apple Music subscribers to create playlists that are shared with friends and family.
In addition to these macro novelties, it’s worth mentioning that iOS 17.3 introduces full performer and composer credits for songs in Apple Music: this will make it easier to identify the creators of your favorite music.

There will also be fixes for HDR videos that were overexposed, aimed at improving the quality of HDR video playback on iPhones and iPads. We’ll provide more details on the iOS 17.3 and watchOS 10.3 updates as they become available.

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