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Amazon’s AI chatbot will advise us in online shopping

by Andrew

During the past day, Amazon announced the testing phase of a new AI feature that the company plans to include in the future in the stable versions of its iOS and Android apps. The novelty is designed to allow customers to ask specific questions about the products that can be purchased.

Apparently, this powerful AI tool will be able to provide detailed information of all kinds, from the precise size of an object, to the battery life of a device, and much more.

Although the main focus of the new feature will be closely connected to practical applications, it will also be able to interact in a conversational manner by answering questions that are not very relevant to selling in the online shop. Those who have been able to test it let it be known that they have a strong sense of humor, and are for example able to tell jokes about objects for sale (even on hard disks…), or describe the contents in a witty way.

CNBC reached out to Amazon for more details, finding that the tool will be able to provide answers within seconds of entering the text prompt. Although it can range widely between topics and be quite creative, Amazon lets it be known that the tool will always be linked to the context of the products on sale. Maria Boschetti, Amazon’s spokeswoman, commented via email to the newspaper.

“We’re constantly inventing to help make customers’ lives better and easier, and we’re currently testing a new generative AI-powered feature to improve shopping on Amazon by helping customers get answers to frequently asked product questions.”

As this is a feature that is currently in limited testing, only some US users have access at the moment. Amazon is currently working on several AI features related to its retail branch and beyond. Like other tech giants, the company is investing in generative AI, especially through its enterprise cloud division, AWS.

It launched the Titan Image Generator in November, allowing businesses to use text prompts to generate images, but it’s recent news that the same LLM is currently being tested in some Fire TV models. The feature is called AI Art and allows you to generate images with artificial intelligence to be used in Ambient mode.

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