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WhatsApp calls in Google Phone registry, first signs of integration

by Andrew

Calls made via WhatsApp are starting to be an integral part of the call log of Google Phone, the standard dialer on the Pixel and on several other models from manufacturers who have preferred to integrate Google’s, tried and tested, rather than developing their own. The news was reported by an enthusiast on X, after noticing that within Phone’s call history there were both “traditional” and WhatsApp VoIP calls.

It must be said, however, that the user in question on his Pixel 6a has both Google Phone and WhatsApp in beta version, the 124.0.608164421 of the former and the of the latter. Several of those who will try to check after reading the article will therefore almost certainly not see the WhatsApp call history in the Phone log, but in short, the signals coming from the beta channels are positive and go in the direction hoped for by many.

It is also time for WhatsApp to be fully integrated into the operating system on Android as well. Even Apple, which is notoriously reluctant to integrate third-party applications and services on iOS, has succeeded: for some time now, outgoing, incoming, and missed calls that pass through WhatsApp have been reported in the Recents tab of the iPhone’s native Phone app, along with communications that pass through the cellular network.

On Android, on the other hand, you must necessarily open WhatsApp and tap on the Calls tab to view incoming and outgoing movements. Not for long, though: once the beta phase is over, WhatsApp calls will populate Google’s dialer. And who knows, maybe the openness of Google Phone will not be so deep that it will also integrate communications from other similar services, such as Skype, Telegram or Viber. We will see how and how quickly the story should evolve.

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