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Samsung’s Gaming Hub is coming to Galaxy smartphones

by Andrew

Samsung’s Gaming Hub will also be extended to Galaxy smartphones. This was announced by the Seoul-based company by setting up a page on the global portal dedicated to the Gaming Hub app that will be downloaded on devices to use the service, a page in which there are also several images on the appearance of Gaming Hub on Galaxy smartphones.

For those who don’t know what it is, Gaming Hub is a sort of ecosystem / collector where you can find all the quick links to consoles, gaming PCs, gaming applications and cloud gaming so as to access the gaming experience quickly and intuitively. Samsung in Gaming Hub offers support for the most popular and well-known platforms such as Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now. We talked about it in depth last June and we also made a sort of video guide, you can find it below.

Soon, therefore, it will also be available on Galaxy smartphones, and perhaps in the not too distant future also on tablets. At the Game Developers Conference, after all, Samsung had already announced the expansion of the Gaming Hub beyond TVs and the arrival on the company’s Galaxy devices: technically, both smartphones and tablets fall within these range. On smartphones, it looks like a real binder, an app that brings together all the available games, so those on the device and those in the cloud.

“Keep your games organized all together. Your mobile games automatically appear in Gaming Hub, giving you convenient access to your entire collection. Collect your favorite titles and launch them from a single app, with a convenient toolbar to access recent games.”

We don’t know when this will be available, however, but the impression is that it won’t be long.

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