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Nvidia grows on the stock market and overtakes Amazon and Alphabet: it’s the era of artificial intelligence!

by Andrew

The Californian giant Nvidia, leader in the field of video cards and chips dedicated to artificial intelligence, has surpassed two technology giants in market value: Amazon and Alphabet (owner of Google). With a capitalization of $1.830 billion, Nvidia ranked fourth among the most valuable companies in the world, narrowly surpassing Google ($1.820 billion).

Nvidia has expertly ridden the wave of the AI explosion, becoming the undisputed leader in the production of high-performance chips used to train and operate the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence models. Its H100 chip, in fact, is the heart of the vast majority of LLMs such as GPT-4, the heart of ChatGPT, and numerous research projects from giants such as Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon.

Tech giants have long been engaged in a full-fledged race to develop their own AI chip that can challenge Nvidia’s dominance and reduce reliance on it.

However, Nvidia hasn’t stopped and while other companies try to close the gap, the new H200 will soon hit the market, an even more powerful chip than its predecessor. To solidify its position, Nvidia has invested a whopping $30 billion in a division dedicated to helping other companies develop custom AI chips. In short, even if competitors manage to create their own chips, a small piece of the pie could still end up in Nvidia’s pockets.

Meanwhile, giants like Intel and AMD (in partnership with Microsoft) are sharpening their weapons and developing their own chips that can rival the H200. It must be said that Nvidia now has a clear advantage and the recent achievement of the financial result is a clear signal, but one thing is certain: artificial intelligence is the future, it will be the protagonist of this 2024 (Bill Gates’ word!) and Nvidia has all the credentials to play a fundamental role in this new world. The economic and social impact of artificial intelligence is yet to be fully understood, but its role will certainly be significant.

Speaking of companies on the rise thanks to the advent of AI, Microsoft has recently managed to do even better, catching up with Apple in the Olympus of tech companies. The Redmond-based company has managed to overcome a market soar of over 3,000 billion dollars!

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